Notice of 66th Annual Public Meeting of Electors - DEFFERED

** The 66th Annual Public Meeting of Electors has been deferred - by MInisterial direction. **


Pursuant to the Province of Nova Scotia's 'Direction of the Minister under a Declared State of Emergency', dated March 22, 2020, Village of Bible Hill's 66th annual public meeting of electors will be held virtually.

The proceedings of the meeting will be recorded, and the minutes posted at within 24 hours of the meeting. Further, reports of Commissioners will be circulated to residents in the next issue of Action on the Hill newsletter.

Virtual Meeting to commence Monday, June 1, 2020, at 8:00 pm.

Purpose of the meeting:

1. Reading of the minutes of the last annual meeting and any subsequent special electors meeting(s);
2. Reports of Commissioners;
3. Auditor’s report;
4. Business arising out of the minutes;
5. Adoption of reports; and
6. Miscellaneous business.

This notice is made pursuant to the Municipal Government Act and Village of Bible Hill by-law #3.

Mitchell Bell, CPA, CA
Clerk and Treasurer


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