Accessibility Advisory Committee Established

Village of Bible Hill has adopted a new policy for the formation of an Accessibility Advisory Committee tasked with providing advice to the Village Commission on identifying, preventing and eliminating barriers in its municipal operations to persons with disabilities. 

The new policy document is a step forward to becoming an accessible community that enables all to fully participate in society. 

The committee will play a pivotal role in helping the Village become accessible in the delivery of services and facilities to the public and meet its obligations under the Nova Scotia Accessibility Act.  The committee’s first task will be advising the Village Commission on preparation and implementation of an Accessibility Plan for Bible Hill, outlining steps taken to date and the path forward to accessibility.

Membership of the committee will, at a minimum, be at least half comprised of persons that self-identify as having a disability or are an agent of an organization that represents persons with disabilities.  The Village is encouraging interested parties to watch for membership recruitment efforts that will soon follow.

Said Village Chair Lois MacCormick, “The Village of Bible Hill is committed to planning and implementing improvements in our operations that will provide equitable access for all to our community”.

The new policy can be found online at