Scotia Pool Survey

Glen W. Smith Community Pool Patron Survey


Scotia Pool Will reopen on Monday, November 2nd. 

They had a "soft" reopening on October 13 for the Centurion Swim Club.

The Centurion Swim Club is renting the pool for 15 hours per week since the Wilson Aquatic Centre at the RECC is closed.
By opening the pool to the Centurions first, they have had the opportunity to test and perfect the procedures that will be applied to our facilities and patrons.  It also provides the time required to train their lifeguards in proper Covid-19 protocols.

They have worked closely with Swim Nova Scotia, the Recreational Facilities Association of Nova Scotia, Craig Burgess (Manager of Recreation Services for the County of Colchester), Josh Kennedy (Parks and Recreation Director Village of Bible Hill), other pool facilities across Canada as well as various Departments and Branches of the Provincial Government including Public Health to ensure a safe and responsible re-opening.

To better understand what programs they should offer and the timing of those programs they are asking you to complete the following survey. 

It will only take 3 to 5 minutes to complete. 

They respect your privacy.  All responses will be treated anonymously.  Your replies will only be reported in aggregate totals.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable answering a question, please leave it blank.  Should you decide not to complete the survey, they understand your decision.


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