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Baseball Fields

To book baseball fields in the Village of Bible Hill please contact the Village of Bible Hill by calling 902-893-8083 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Game Fees #
Field Rental for Game or Practice(no preparation or lines) $10.00 X   $__
Field Rental for Game or Practice(field preparation and lines) $20.00 X   $__
Tournament Fees
Field Rental per day (field preparation, lines and Bases) $60 X   X   $__

Airport Fields Softball Sized Fields Jennifer Drive, Bible Hill

The Village of Bible Hill Airport Fields are centrally located at Jennifer Drive off Pictou Rd in Bible Hill. These fields are regulation size for softball. There are three fields located at this site. Each field has a large back stop fence as well as covered dug outs with benches for players. The site houses a quality washroom facility for players and spectators. The fields are surrounded by an outfield fence which is adjacent to a walking trail which circumvents the fields. There are picnic tables located at the site for spectator seating. There is a large parking lot located at the site which can accommodate parking for a large tournament. The site has been upgraded to include “Jox Boxes” which are installed at each home plate to prevent holes at the batting area. Bases are available to rent to teams for games or tournaments. This is a high quality facility ideal for leagues and teams, as well as for less formal games for fun.


FieldDescriptionLength to Left Field(approximate)Length to Right Field (approximate)Length to Centre Field(approximate)
Airport #4 Regulation Size Softball Fields 248 ft 277 ft 287 ft
Airport #5 Regulation Size Softball Fields 270 ft 271 ft 275 ft
Airport #6 Regulation Size Softball Fields 278 ft 277 ft 305 ft

Recreation Park Fields 1, 2 and 3 – Guest Drive, Bible Hill

The fields located at the Bible Hill Recreation Park are located off College Road on Guest Drive. These fields are adjacent to an extensive play park for children including swings, slides, a covered picnic area, as well as a walking trail. There is plenty of parking to accommodate players and spectators. Parking is a distance from the seating area so prepare to park and walk. Each field is fenced and includes a large back stop fence. Each field contains covered dug outs for players with benches for seating. Each field contains a mound for pitching. There are also bleachers located at each field for spectators. There are portable washrooms centrally located on the site between the play park and the baseball fields. The larger field, #3, contains lighting which can be requested for teams playing evening games. There is a nominal fee associated with this light usage. This larger field also contains an announcer’s booth that can be equipped by teams for a sound system. There is no potable water available at this site. Keys should be obtained by event organizers to open gates at the park to transport gear and provide emergency access to play areas. Keys must be obtained through the Village of Bible Hill office and returned after events. Bases are available to rent to teams for games or tournaments.


FieldDescriptionLength to Left Field(approximate)Length to Right Field (approximate)Length to Centre Field(approximate)
Recreation #1 Regulation Size Peewee/Softball Field 225 ft 193 ft 225 ft
Recreation #2 Regulation Size Mosquito Field 180 ft 180 ft 205 ft
Recreation #3 Regulation Size Baseball Field 288 ft 287 ft 347 ft

Field Booking Policy Statement

Failure to comply with the stated policies will result in rental privileges being revoked.


To provide safe and well maintained sports fields for the residents of Bible Hill and surrounding area.


Applications for field bookings will be dealt with on first come first serve basis, with the exception of Bible Hill/Truro minor ball teams who will have priority in field bookings. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on any recreational facility owned by Village of Bible Hill. The RCMP makes periodic patrols of the facilities. The renter assumes responsibility for the proper care of the facility, and agrees to leave the property in the same condition as prior to its use and assumes responsibility for garbage cleanup. The renter releases Village of Bible Hill, and its employees and agents, from liability for any injuries or damages resulting from the use by the renter of any recreational facility owned by Village of Bible Hill. Trespassing on adjoining properties is strictly prohibited (for example balls hit onto such properties are to be left there).

Booking And Payment Procedure

Dates for games and practices will be confirmed when a Field Rental Agreement is signed and a non-refundable fifty (50) dollar deposit is made or full amount is paid. Rental balances must be paid two weeks in advance of event.

Inclement Weather

The Village will prepare fields for use if in our opinion they can be made playable. It is the teams responsibility to check with the village on the status of the fields.


The Village should be notified 2 weeks in advance of any cancellation that is not related to inclement weather or field playing conditions. Failure to do so will result in loss of field deposit.


Field Rentals are tentative until deposit is paid. Fields will be booked when deposit is paid and field rental is signed. The balance of payment is due two weeks prior to rental date. Rain dates for tournaments are not permitted. Tournament start/finish times should be submitted to the Village at least three (3) days in advance of play. Basic field maintenance equipment may be loaned to tournament organizers/committees upon special agreement.


Please make the effort to dispose of all litter in the garbage cans. Refrain from profane language, as there tend to be children around the ball fields. No concessions (profit or non-profit) are permitted at any field facility without the prior approval of the Village. Keys for the announcer booths/lights/gates must be signed out at the Village Office. BBQ and Propane tanks are NOT to be stored in the building.


  pdf Baseball fields rental agreement (839 KB)