Elected Officials – Current and Previous


Bible Hill Village Commission  |  (Left to right)  Commissioner Tom Burke, Deputy Chair Donna Van Kroonenburg, Commissioner Kevin Kennedy, Chair Lois MacCormick, Commissioner Knickolle Pitcher

Chair Lois MacCormick

Chair MacCormick is a long-time resident of the Village of Bible Hill where she resides with her husband Murray.  They have two grown children and four grandchildren.  Lois is very actively involved in her community and has servied as a Village Commissioner from 1992-1997 and from 2011 to present day.  She is the owner of MacCormick's Personal Tax Services. Lois has served as a member of the Colchester Community Health Board for a number of years.  In the past she was involved with the Recreation Association, Block Parent Program for Colchester County and Meals on Wheels.  Lois is Chair of the Personnel Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Municipal Boundaries Committee, and the By-law Committee.

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Deputy Chair Donna Van Kroonenburg

Deputy Chair Van Kroonenburg has lived in the Village of Bible Hill for most of her life.  She is married to Leo and has two daughters and one son.  Donna is a member of the Bible Hill Fire Brigade Ladies Auxiliary.  She was a Sparks, Brownie, and Pathfinder leader for the Village for many years.  She is also a member of the Immaculate Conception Church where she is a member of the Catholic Women's League.  She loves to golf in Debert on Wednesday nights during the season as well as loves spending time at Brule Beach.  She is currently employed with Colchester East Hants Health Authority.  "I have the best interests of the residents and families of this beautiful village when I am sitting at the Commission table".  Donna is Chair of the Environmental Health Services Committee, Deputy Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee, Recreation and Cultural Services Committee, Municipal Boundaries Committee, By-law Committee and Personnel Committee.

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Commissioner Kevin Kennedy

Commissioner Kennedy was elected to the Bible Hill Village Commission in June 2015.  Kevin is Chair of the Protective Services Committee and Deputy Chair of the Transportation Services Committee.

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Commissioner Tom Burke

Commissioner Burke was born in Halifax and has also lived in Sydney and Montreal before settling in Bible Hill.  He was very much involved with recreation for years and then wanting to continue his service to his community, he successfully ran for Village Commissioner.  Tom is the longest serving Commissioner, with over twenty years on the Village Commission.  Tom has previously served as Chair for over six years.  He has also been involved with the Kinsmen Club of Bible Hill, holding various positions and was voted by his peers as “Kinsman of the Year”.  Tom runs a successful business in the water well industry and serves his industry by being on local and national boards.  Tom is Chair of the Transportation Services Committee and Deputy Chair of the Environmental Health Services Committee.

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Commissioner Knickolle Pitcher

Commissioner Pitcher was elected to the Village of Bible Hill Commission in 2018.  Originally from PEI, she completed her B.A. at St. F.X. University in Antigonish and after working and travelling as far off as Japan, she returned to Nova Scotia, settling in Bible Hill 13 years ago with her husband Trevor and her two sons.  In that time, she has seen many positive changes take place in the Village.  She volunteers in the community with various sport and social groups, in local schools and for non-profit organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Central Nova Women’s Center and Maggie’s Place.  A Yoga Therapist with a genuine interest in people, she operates “Yoga with Knickolle”, facilitating Overcome Anxiety Clinics, and offering workshops and presentations on stress and anxiety reduction.  She enjoys working with the other Commissioners and hearing from constituents while always striving to be an activist for positive change and growth in the community.  Knickolle is Chair of the Recreation and Cultural Services Committee and Deputy Chair of the Protective Services Committee.

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Previous Elected Officials

Charter Members 1951-53

Blanchard C. Prescott Streetlight Commission  
Boyce H. Douglas Streetlight Commission  
Thompson W. Harold Streetlight Commission  

Officers and Commissioners of the Village



Blanchard C. Prescott August 1953 February 1954
Eaton Ernest February 1954 July 1955
Boyce H. Douglas July 1955 February 1956
Coupar John February 1956 February 1959
Thompson W. Harold February 1959 December 1966
Smith A. Gordon December 1966 February 1969
Mahaney W.A. “Pat” February 1969 February 1977
Higgins Dwight February 1977 May 1980
Arenburg David June 1980 February 1982
Atkinson Blanchard February 1982 February 1984
Arenburg David February 1984 February 1985
Rushton Myles February 1985 February 1986
Boyle James February 1986 February 1987
Weatherby Arthur February 1987 February 1988
McCormick K. Wayne February 1988 May 1992
Atkinson Blanchard May 1992 May 1993
Taylor Robert May 1993 October 1997
McCormick K. Wayne October 1997 June 2004
Blair Christine June 2004 June 2005
Hilliard Richard June 2005 June 2006
Blair Christine B. June 2006 October 2008
McLean Sharon October 2008 June 2010
Burke Thomas June 2010  August 2016
MacCormick Lois October 2016  

Clerk and Treasurer

Boyce H. Douglas August 1953 June 1987
Christianson Robert June 1987  August 2018
Bell, CPA, CA Mitchell July 2018  


Arenburg David February 1979 February 1985
Atkinson Blanchard February 1978 February 1984
    February 1987 February 1991
    November 1991 May 1993
Bell, CPA, CA Mitchell September 2016  July 2018
Betts Gary May 1997 June 2003
Blair Christine May 1992 October 1997
    December 2000 January 2009
Blanchard C.Prescott February 1953 February 1954
Boyce H. Douglas August 1953 February 1956
Boyle James February 1984 February 1987
Burges W.H. August 1954 April 1965
Burke Thomas November 1991 May 1992
    May 1993 June 2002
    June 2004 August 2016
    July 2018  
Cavanagh Lloyd February 1960 February 1966
Coupar John February 1954 February 1959
Dale Jack February 1977 February 1980
Dawson-Sharbell Michelle June 2009 December 2010
Delaney Fred February 1956 May 1956
Doane R.H. February 1957 February 1960
Donaldson Thomas February 1988 November 1991
Eaton Ernest February 1954 July 1955
Franklin John February 1975 February 1978
Hardy James February 1983 January 1989
Hilliard Richard August 2000 June 2007
Higgins Dwight February 1975 May 1980
Hutchinson Dal June 2002 April 2005
Kennedy Bruce February 1986 November 1991
Kennedy Kevin June 2015  
Lavers Milford February 1971 February 1974
MacCormick Lois February 1991 May 1997
    June 2011  
MacDonald K.P. February 1966 February 1971
Mahar Robert June 2008 June 2011
Mahone Claude February 1974 February 1984
Mahaney W.A. “Pat” February 1959 February 1977
McClelland Paul February 1969 February 1972
McInnis Kevin December 1997 July, 2000
McKay Harry February 1969 February 1972
McKenna Earl February 1981 February 1983
    December 1997 November 2000
    June 2005 June 2008
McLeod Dale June 2011 June 2017
McNutt Fred June 1965 February 1973
    February 1976 February 1979
McCormick K. Wayne February 1984 June  2004
McLean Sharon June 2003 June 2015
Mellish Dwane June 2017 June 2018
Menard Phemie June 1980 February 1981
Pye Russell February 1966 February 1969
Rushton Myles February 1980 February 1986
Smith A.G. June 1956 February 1969
Soy James February 1956 February 1959
Taylor Ralph February 1972 February 1975
Taylor Robert February 1989 October 1997
Thompson W. Harold August, 1953 December 1955
    February 1959 December 1966
Totten Lorne February 1973 February 1976
Trites Gordon September 1955 February 1957
Van de Sande Marinus February 1972 February 1975
Van Kroonenburg Donna June, 2007  
Weatherby Arthur February 1985 February 1988