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H. Douglas Boyce Village Hall

Previously known as Village Hall, the building name was renamed on September 15, 2020, in honour of the H. Douglas Boyce. 

Hall capacity is 160 for events without alcohol, 150 when alcohol is served. 27 tables, 160 chairs, and a sound system are provided with the rental. The measurement of the hall is 38’ x 60’. This hall is wheelchair accessible including a wheelchair accessible washroom.


The Village Hall is a registered kitchen facility. No food is permitted to be served unless food preparation is performed by an approved caterer of the Village of Bible Hill or unless it is made in another registered kitchen. Food is not allowed to be prepared and brought in by individual renters of the facility.

The use of dishes and utensils is only accessible to approved catering groups. Coffee perks are available to users of the Village Hall upon request.

Bar Service

Bar service requires the renter to complete a Nova Scotia Special Occasion Liquor License, The Bar Service Policy Agreement and all applicable fees by the renter. Forms are available at the Village Office. The Bible Hill Volunteer Fire Brigade managers all bars. Absolutely no liquor permitted otherwise.


Decorations shall not be placed at a height exceeding 10 feet. It is also the responsibility of the renter to ensure nothing is left in the hall overnight.

Any person engaging the hall is responsible for any damage that occurs to the premises. The hall renter is also responsible to see that parking does not occur on the East end of the property which would impede the fire vehicles in case of emergencies.

Hall rental fees

Hall Rental 
Hourly Rate $25.00
Maximum daily rate $250.00

Facility rental agreement

To view a blank rental agreement form, please click here.


For more information on hall availability please contact the Village Office at:

Phone: (902) 893-8083
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.